The town

Castel di Sangro 


The city is located in 800 meters and is seen as the more important one in the area, aware the multitude of good provided shops, boutiques and service attendances. Situated in part on a rock and in part on the foot of this, at first you see a modern part of the city in the lowland who is towering of the ruins of the castle. This is the antique heart with a multitude of old buildings who enclose all the exceeding structure of the “Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo”. The center is contacted from the water of two rivers: the Sangro and his affluent the Zittola. Because of his altitude, high but not so as the neighbor communities, Castel di Sangro offers a mild climate in summer and not so cold in winter. The nearness of the equipped Ski-area of the highlands and to the National Park of Abruzzo, together with the elevated offer of services, give to Castel di Sangro an important and essential figure in the economy of the whole district.