Castel di Sangro


Located 800 meters above sea level, it is considered the main municipality of the entire district, also by virtue of its now well-established role as a modern and well-equipped shopping and service centre. Located partly on the slope of a cliff, partly at its base, it presents at first glance a modern area placed on the level and surmounted by the remains of a castle, an ancient nucleus characterized by a large number of old houses perched around the majestic mass of the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo. The center is lapped by the waters of two rivers: the Sangro and the Zittola, its tributary. Due to the altitude, high but not as high as the other municipalities in the surrounding area, Castel di Sangro is able to offer a mild climate in summer and cold but not too much in winter. The proximity to the well-equipped ski resorts of the Altipiani and the Abruzzo National Park, together with the high development of services, have given Castel di Sangro a role of fundamental importance for the economy of the entire area.